The Art of Being Cheap: My Favorite Makeup Bargains!

So how often do you think a trip to the store won’t be so bad? I mean you’re only gonna get the FEW things that you need and walk out of there with your head held high! I mean, doesn’t that just happen every time you go to the store? HAHAHA! If only it was that easy, but sadly this hardly happens. At least it doesn’t happen to me. I go to CVS or any drug store on any given day and think, “Hm, lets just take a stroll through the makeup aisle!” And as I walk out of the store, the makeup addict guilt kicks in.

I‘ve learned how to save myself a little bit and still get pretty great makeup. When I finally gave up the dream of ever being good at contouring or doing anything ‘professional’ looking, I learned that it isn’t about the brand when it comes to the little things AND sometimes less is actually more! Spending less can give you bigger sizes for the price of a small size of something more expensive.

want to share with you the best bargain brands I’ve found and also some of my favorite products. I’ve managed to find some awesome things and show them off to my friends and help them save a little.

Wet N Wild: Fergie Eyelid Primer

Ugh, this product is one of my favorites! It is so smooth and it truly does make a difference. Before I found this primer, I had tried a few other brands and none of them I really liked. This isn’t harsh on my skin or damaging and drying. It works great as a base under eye shadow or it fits in perfectly in a fresh face routine like mine! It has been compared to some of the best and more expensive primers but is much less expensive with a price ranging somewhere under $5! Seriously one of the best bargain brands of eyelid primer I have found to date!



Rimmel London: Scandaleyes Retro Glam Mascara

This is one of the thickest and best mascaras I’ve ever used, it gives the fullest lashes and they don’t feel heavy at all after all day wear. Every other mascara I’ve used after using this has seemed lackluster and dull compared to this one. The only problem I have found is that it can be sometimes clumpy because the brush is so thick and full but its not like every other brand of mascara is clumpy. The great thing about this product is the price. Most mascaras can be upwards of $8 and are such a waste of money. Especially when you see the price tag on this one, depending on the store this mascara costs only in the range of $5! Thanks to Influenster for sending me this in my Spring Fling Vox Box a few months ago!


New York Color: Individualeyes Custom Compact

This is one of the very few eyeshadow I used, I mean not this exact color but I do use the Midtown Mauve palellets and I love it. The colors are so rich and smooth, it doesn’t smudge throughout the day with the primer beneath it. The primer and highlighter are great to use on the eyes or any other area of the face if you don’t have anything else to use at the time. I’ve gotten stuck falling asleep at my boyfriends house a few times and this is the only makeup I have with me minus my emergency makeup in my car (Yes I have an emergency makeup kit in my car) and it has done wonderful at making me look as decent as I can on short notice! This product also comes in around only $5 and has some great shades that are comparable to some wonderful and much more expensive, and it even does that whole ‘match to your eye color’ thing, if you’re into that!

elf: Makeup Mist & Set

This is the best product I have ever purchased in my life, I can’t even express the difference this has made in my life. This is the best set spray I have used other than the most expensive brand that I have tried (I can keep dreaming I guess). A setting spray can make the right amount of difference in my skin tone all day, my makeup doesn’t get runny or strange even on the busiest and hottest days. It is the right amount of spray, not to heavy and quick drying! The problem with this product is that it can be really difficult to find in stores, the only place I’ve seen it is at select Target or sometimes Walmart. This product can be purchased at the elf website and is only $3 on their website! Such a steal for the quality of the product, along with every other thing on their website. 



Milani: Brow and Eye Highlighter, Brow Fix Kit and Brow Pen

These three products have made my incompetent self seem like I’m actually not doing half bad when it comes to my ‘brow game’. Some of the best brow kits are way too expensive, literally they cost the same as a full tank of gas…..I think you can see why I have saved my money and gone for these less expensive options. I’ve tried brow kits and brow tools that are made by some of my other favorite bargain brands and sadly enough they have all fallen short. These three products have made the cut. Milani has some amazing items when looking at their brow department and this brand isn’t hard to find, usually an end cap at your favorite local drugstore. Each of them works wonders in their own way and I use all three in unison, some days I only use one of the products but it TOTALLY depends on my mood! These are probably some of the more expensive products I buy, the price is in the range of $7, but it is 100% worth it!


genuinely hope that these products at least catch your interest and help you to remember to look at some of the lesser-known brands out there before you reach the checkout counter! If you’re interested in any of the products I mentioned, the pictures lead to the links so give them a look if you realize you want to come to the ‘cheap side’!


Let me know what you think!

I want your feedback. Did you try these products and not like them? Do you think you will try these products? Let me know!





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