It has been a long week!

So, I apologize for my absence in recent days! My life has been busy. I decided to disconnect myself from the world of social media and try to focus on myself in my few days off! I spent some well needed quality time with my boyfriend and went out with my friends and also spent […]

#TBT! My Childhood Favorites!

All that talk the other day about those SO 90’s thin eyebrows reminded me of happier times….times where pop music was a happy place that wasn’t filled with foam finger crotch grabs and everyone’s outfits were SO much simpler. I will always be sad that I was just a child during these times. I decided […]

Eye can’t eyebrow!

I feel like one of the biggest trends I’ve seen in the past few years has been the beautifully penciled in eyebrows. Girls captioning their selfies with “eyebrow game strong” or “brow game on point” or something of that dumb idea.  Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing girls with beautiful eyebrows or those girls who […]

My Newest Procrastination Tool!

  I‘m a serial procrastinator. Seriously, ADHD kicks in whenever I try to get things done before crunch time and I end up spending three hours playing Kim Kardashian Hollywood instead of doing homework or something that is so unproductive. On my recent trip to Washington to visit my best friend, she showed me her […]