“Manga-fied” Mascara

I was so skeptical of this mascara but seeing how well it works make my mascara fiend heart just beat out of my chest. I can not wait to purchase this and share my own ideas of it !

A Red Lip And A Nude Shoe


When I first saw the L’Oreal Miss Manga mascara I thought the usual – “yeah yeah another supposed voluminous mascara bullshit bullshit” as seriously these mascaras are all the same to me. They never make a lick of difference and I may as well be using a regular old mascara that doesn’t have the hefty price tag. Well ladies (and possibly the 3 gents that read my blog) I was astounded, nay, AMAZED that this actually works!


Can you not see the difference between my painted and naked eyelashes?! YOW to the ZA!!! I couldn’t believe the way it made my eyelashes look even longer (I know that I’m blessed with some Bambi-ass lashes, it’s both an honour and a curse – glasses wearers you know what I’m talking about!) This was with one coat applied – unbelievable! Unlike most of these “miracle mascaras” it doesn’t clump or drag along your…

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