My Newest Procrastination Tool!


Thisiswhyimbroke.comI‘m a serial procrastinator. Seriously, ADHD kicks in whenever I try to get things done before crunch time and I end up spending three hours playing Kim Kardashian Hollywood instead of doing homework or something that is so unproductive.

On my recent trip to Washington to visit my best friend, she showed me her favorite website to spend tons of time on. This Is Why I’m Broke is hands down one of my new favorite distraction sites. Pinterest and Tumblr are usually my go-to sites when I’m bored or just don’t feel like being an active member of society but now I think I have found my new go-to.

Within the last few days, I have already saved dozens of items I dream of one day buying (I’m also a serial pinner/reblogger/wishlist adder), one of these products being Star Projector that I’m already considering buying. This is the site for all things ‘geeky’ (for you Star Wars fans and video game players out there this is definitely your shopping site) as well as funny gifts for random occasions or just things to dream about owning! I’ve already begun planning crazy Christmas presents for my lovely boyfriend and my friends!

Since I’ve found this site and begun sharing it around with my friends, I was wondering if any of my lovely followers had any sites they love to spend some time on? I love finding new websites to catch my interest and give them a good look and now that I’ve found this one, I’m looking for more. Send some my way, loves!






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