Eye can’t eyebrow!

I feel like one of the biggest trends I’ve seen in the past few years has been the beautifully penciled in eyebrows. Girls captioning their selfies with “eyebrow game strong” or “brow game on point” or something of that dumb idea. 

Don’t get me wrong, I love seeing girls with beautiful eyebrows or those girls who want that Cara Delevingne eyebrow look. Cara brought back Brooke Shields signature look and made all the girls want those perfect power brows, which are practically IMPOSSIBLE to a girl like me.

Do you remember back in the 90’s when the over-plucked eyebrow was totally the thing to do!? Everyone had them, from Jennifer Aniston to Pamela Anderson!  Well now the tables have turned and the cool thing is to have the massive low brows that basically almost look like they are in your freakin’ eye ( as much as I think its beautiful…I don’t get it). This is the new look, even though it isn’t as feminine or pretty as the thin brow phase the world went through just 20 years ago.

For someone like me with a chubby face and not exactly the steadiest hands or the best technique, getting even greatly filled brows isn’t easy and let me tell you….the bigger the brow on me…the worse it looks! And you don’t want to look like you have kitchen utensils on your face or something (like that girl up there ^….).

These power brows are not for everyone (I’m one of those people who shouldn’t have power brows) but for those of you who can totally rock them, I commend you! I myself have never been a thin brow girl or a thick brow girl. My brows grow in funky so the more I try to fill them in, the weirder they look. But I’ve followed a few simple tutorials to help me get my “eyebrow game on point”. 

Now if you want your perfect “Cara” power brows, look no further than Teen Vogue to help you learn all the little tricks you need to know or you can see what Cara’s makeup artist, Wendy Rowe had to say about her work with Cara! But if you’re anything like me and are ‘brow challenged’ you can check out Keiko Lynn’s Brow tutorial which has basically helped me from feeling inadequate and has made me so much more beautiful when I actually do follow it! 

I hope that this has helped you find your brow-spiriation for those of you who can’t eyebrow and can’t, much like myself!

What tricks have you used when it comes to doing your eyebrows? Is there any specific products you have found helpful? Who’s brows do you emulate? 





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