#TBT! My Childhood Favorites!

All that talk the other day about those SO 90’s thin eyebrows reminded me of happier times….times where pop music was a happy place that wasn’t filled with foam finger crotch grabs and everyone’s outfits were SO much simpler. I will always be sad that I was just a child during these times.

I decided that with this idea in my head, I would bring you a little #TBT of all my favorite looks and style icons of the era of my childhood….the late 90’s and early 00’s!


Rachel Green

Such a babe, 100% an inspiration as far as 90’s fashion goes, Rachel embodies everything I have loved about the 90’s. Whether she’s in sweats or a denim shirt or some funky outfit, Rachel was SO 90’s. Through the years, she grew and changed but was always wearing whatever crazy outfit it may be, they always seemed to stand out. Rachel made being a woman cool, whether you’re in your office clothes or your PJs. A total inspo for women everywhere, especially me!


Cher Horowitz

A total Betty! Like 100%/ everything I wish I could be now. Although her outfits were way too 90’s crazy and cheesy….they like totally worked! That fab yellow plaid ensemble has made such an impact to the point where its still relevant now seeing as Iggy Azalea has even emulated it. Aside from this totally over-the-top outfit, Cher’s simplicity made her stand out to me. The simple red dress for her date and to the party with a little bit of accessorizing. Cher totally taught me that you can make anything stand out, regardless of if its your natural beauty or your crazy clothes. I mean she like totally even made gym clothes SO cute! One of my favorite movies to this day and I don’t think that will change!


Topanga Lawrence

The perfect example of a caterpillar to a butterfly transition. Topanga started out as the akaward flower child that drew lipstick hearts on her face but turned into a smoke show literally right before our eyes. Though the years, her fashion sense changed to the times. From big long dresses and vests to crop tops and high waisted jeans (much like everyone today tries to wear but they can’t pull it off like Topanga). Even now on Girl Meets World, Topanga is still absolutely gorgeous and such a strong role model! If there was any TV show that I wish I could live in, it would 100% be Boy Meets World!


Britney Spears

The epic late 90’s pop sensation and inspo. I can’t even explain how bad I wished every night of my chubby childhood that one day I might wakeup to become Britney. Something about how she could be so crazy grown up and in control one minute but so innocent and funny the next. Her outfits totally embodied that. Her makeup was always either full out starlet or simple girl next door and so were her outfits. On stage she was a vixen and behind the scenes she was a darling. The belly shirts and crop tops were in full effect for Brit (that pink pleather one up there is ALWAYS gonna be my favorite look). Whether she was a girl or a woman….or not yet, Brit’s outfits made my heart melt and I want it to be Halloween every day so I can pretend to be her.


Baby Spice

Something about those platform boots and baby doll dresses just make me want to scream. During the times of the Spice Girls, its impossible to not play favorites. You had a spirit animal in one of those five girls and Baby was my spirit animal by far. Carefree and outgoing, her adorable outfits represented her innocent free spirt. ESP those cute freakin’ little pig tails she always rocked. I’m seriously hoping those pigtails are brought back…and soon. Please someone…I am dying!

Trust me, if I could go back in time….I totally would. Some of the things girls wear today….ugh as if!
Happier times, cuter clothes…what more could you ask for? The 90’s were certainly a good time and I cherish it forever.

What are some of your favorite past decade inspos?! Who inspired you and who still sticks in your head today?!



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