It has been a long week!

So, I apologize for my absence in recent days! My life has been busy. I decided to disconnect myself from the world of social media and try to focus on myself in my few days off!

I spent some well needed quality time with my boyfriend and went out with my friends and also spent some much needed time binge watching some Netflix!

As this week starts up, I have a couple of things I want to talk to you about! 

  1. I ordered my first Birchbox! I am so excited to journey into the world of Birchbox after a long hard debate over if Birchbox was the right monthly makeup box for me! I should have my first box within the next few weeks and as I review these products for Birchbox points, I will also share my reviews here and let you know how much I’m loving my subscription or how much I don’t! We will have to wait and see! 
  2. My most recent past post got tons of likes and it was only just a picture but I’m here to show you the most perfect DIY I used to inspire my new makeup trays! And here is the kicker….THEY ONLY COST ME A FEW DOLLARS! They add so much more life to my dresser and add a bit of class to my usually messy makeup area! I did my own twist on the tutorial, I used two white square plates and the crystal candlestick. You can paint yours for a look that you feel would fit you or use those pretty silvery trays but I love my little tray and am planning to make a bigger one for some other things soon! 

Now that I’m back and feeling more like myself, its time to get to work and get moving!




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