Being cute in cold weather is so hard!

Being cute in the cold…..such a hard task. Like no I don’t want to wear real pants…I want to wear yogas and leggings and sweatpants and be comfy and warm. But then….I just look like a sack of potatoes.
Massachusetts weather is so hard to dress for. If its freezing in the morning, it could be warm by lunch or who knows it could turn into a tundra over night. The weather is so tempermental! I mean its about 35 this morning when I leave for school….with a high of 60 today….so I have to dress for whatever the hell weather decides to happen.
Plus don’t forget….there’s a chance of rain too!


Basically, its impossible for me to dress for cold weather without looking like Randy from A Christmas Story…I just hate being cold.
How does one be cute yet warm….teach me someone….



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