Makeup: bringing people together forever

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One of the things most girls remember from childhood is playing with their moms makeup or just playing with makeup in general. I know its one of my fondest childhood memories with my mom. Who knew that by the time I was 20, my mom would be asking me for help doing her makeup instead of the other way around.

What I’m getting at here is that makeup is something that unites us and brings us together. I have such a love for makeup, not because it makes me feel beautiful but because it makes me feel like I can be whoever I want! I can go from sweet to sultry in a matter of seconds.

That was definitely the thing I loved most about makeup as a kid, being able to be someone else and playing dress up. You really weren’t a princess unless you had your tiara, heels, crown AND some pretty pink cheeks! I still feel the same, no outfit is complete without a little glam and sparkle!

Through my love of makeup, it has helped me bond with others. My best friend is stationed in Washington State (across the country from me) and we always collaborate on what makeup we love and share our new favorites. One of my other good friends actually introduced me to the wonderful world of Birchbox and helped me find some products that I truly love (reviews coming soon, I promise!) and it makeup has always been a great conversation topic for us to collaborate on!

My love of makeup has certainly helped me find my voice on this blog and it turns out I’ve actually done a decent job. I may not gain millions of followers over night but getting likes on posts and a few followers here and there really makes me feel like I’m doing good and its not a total failure!

Who knew all of this would come from those influential moments of childhood playing with mom’s makeup and getting all dolled up just because ‘why not’…not because I felt I had to or because I felt I needed makeup on my face but because I wanted to.

think sometimes we all need to feel like someone else and through beauty products and some fun playing with them we are completely able to ! Thats why I love makeup and why I LOVE writing this blog so much!


Thank you for being a part of my blog for the past few months and taking a journey with me as I explore what I love so much!





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