No PSL for me.


Sorry not sorry but that pumpkin spice latte thing isn’t for me. I don’t get the obsession with it, everyone typical white girl loses her mind over it and I just don’t understand!
Not only is PSL a Starbucks drink but its also apparently a way of life? I just saw on Twitter a post about someone saying they like to casually drop “PSL” into conversation….WHY? I’m just confused.
Not just the pumpkin spice latte thing but the pumpkin spice everything! I guess America just likes to pick one flavor and beat it to death.


Pumpkin Spice Oreos… people actually enjoy them? I haven’t tried them but I don’t know if I could…they don’t exactly look good to me!

I wonder if I’m alone in my anti-PSL but maybe one day I’ll switch to the dark side.

Where do you stand on the whole PSL debate?



One thought on “No PSL for me.

  1. If you ask me Pumpkin Spice is ok. Sometimes it fits just right (especially around the Halloween season 😛 ), but most of the time I survive with drinking 1-2 PSL per year, just to see what all the fuss is about (and to remind me why I don’t fuss along 😉 ) But I would NEVER EVER ever ever try a pumpkin spice Oreo!!!! No. I’m sorry, but naawa. Over ma dead body *insert sassy duck lips here*


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