All about that booty!


When I started doing this blog, I think I ultimately knew that there was going to be at least one catastrophic pop culture event that I was hoping I would get to touch on. Looks like that time has come!

Obviously by now the majority of the world has already seen the pictures of Kim Kardashian’s most profitable asset. These photos have basically left the entire world gawking at their computer screen or phone screen or wherever the hell they’re looking. Remarks have been made by many celebrities, reporters and anyone else with a working brain. Be it good or bad, the whole worlds watching Kimmy show off her goodies and lets be real…the whole world is obsessed with her. Some might even go as far as saying the many people in the world idolize her, even celebrities like Lorde, who clarified her comments made when the picture was first .

I‘m a huge fan of the Kardashian family. I watch all the shows, read all the articles, follow most of them on Instagram, and obviously I play Kim Kardashian Hollywood. The minute these pictures came out, I freaked. Never did I expect to see Kim’s bare bottom gracing the cover of a magazine, especially after he past. Who knew that two days later I would be seeing the rest of Kim Kardashian.

Well the world is still undecided on their feelings about Kim Kardashian’s butt pictures amongst the other pictures that surfaced, but I know exactly how I feel. I love them. I think they’re great! Yes, obviously they’re edited. And yeah they might be a little bit risque… But it’s Kim Kardashian. What did you expect?

Some people have made remarks towards situations in the past with Kim, her emotional distress over being potentially naked for a playboy photoshoot, but that is ancient times! And obviously if you have ever watched KUWTK you must remember there infamous W magazine situation Kim faced with nudity issues in 2010. But honestly….that’s a long way back in the pop culture world. I guess you could still say some of us were a bit shocked to see her have a go at it again, but its a whole new world out there now.

This career started with nudity. In the years after the sex tape release, Kim tried as hard as possible to distance herself from being just a naked girl but like I said, this is so far in the past that its pratically ancient times. She isn’t a hypocrite for doing it again, she did something important…GREW UP. She grew up and made her own decision and didn’t let her past hinder her future. At this point in time, Kim is one of the most recognizable people in pop culture, shes known virtually everywhere and loved by MANY people. See, regardless of if you hate her or love her…you still know her name!

Although most people don’t see her as anything more than girl who got famous off a sex tape, or anything more than Kanye West’s wife, she is so much more than that. She is a pop culture icon and has done what many people have tried to do, make a life out of being nothing but famous. Paris Hilton, Kim’s former boss, is who started this trend. But Kim…she’s made a whole life out of it and oddly enough I find that somewhat admirable.

I love Kim, Kanye and the entire Kardashian clan. I find them entertaining, stylish, charming and interesting. I love to watch their drama unfold and see how their dramatic lives play out. I guess in my mediocre life there isn’t much drama to entertain me and that’s where they come in.

If you ask me I think Kim has come so far in her career, she has a fashion line with her sisters and many other products with her name and the rest of her family’s name on them. She is known around the world, people recognize her face and love that ass. So why shouldn’t you show it off, Kim? Yeah, she’s a mom… but so are porn stars, strippers and drug addicted celebrities. If you ask me, more power to Kim for showing off what shes got while most of us hide everything away, afraid of scrutiny. She is unafraid of ridicule or anything that might come her way. She has self confidence many people don’t.

So let’s be real here, who is a little nudity going to hurt? Her family still loves her, after all they’ve been through this is the least shocking of it all.  Kanye has done questionable things, bullying Taylor Swift, but he’s still obsessed with Kim. Her daughter will still grow up and adore her mother the way the rest of the world does. I think everyone is just a little bit upset that their booty isn’t on a cover of a magazine.

If you haven’t already read the article that goes along with the photos, I suggest you do so, No Filter: An Afternoon With Kim Kardashian.

I know this is a controversial topic, but I want to hear your opinions, give me some feedback!



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