Rosie the Sneakerhead-Guest Contribution!

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Rosie the Riveter, in my eyes, just symbolizes women’s rights. Proving that anything men can do, women can do as well. You can take that statement multiple ways and twist and turn it.

Another thing you can twist and turn is your style. From pretty dresses to tom boy outfits with overalls, you always need to finish off that outfit with eye catching shoes.

Just like celebrities have revamped Rosie to fit them, they have also revamped the shoe game to fit them!

There are plenty of women, some that you won’t even believe, who are not buying their typical six inch heels but are buying the newest addition Air Jordans! All women, from models and celebrities to the casual business woman.

The thing is though we’re just focusing on their sneaker choice. With these famous women keeping up with the Jordans coming out, they are classified as sneakerheads. Just with their job title of model or actress, you can assume they’re probably beautiful for the majority also rich; so of course they have some money in the bank to throw down on some shoes. With being a business women you know they are capable of being dedicated to anything they have their mind set on and one word comes up in mind: AMBITION.

Ambition is needed for anything you wanna be successful in. You need to just stay consistent and ambitious to show off these traits and people have different ways of doing this. This is what Rosie the Riveter has been for women ever since she debuted in 1942; a sign of ambition and a know-how attitude.

Even certain celebrities/singers put their own spin on their outfits with Jordans. Lily Allen is just one of the bunch that does a unique mixture. Even thinking about Lily Allen you just think about a english-woman musician who started her career from Myspace and sold ecstasy to provide for herself. If that doesn’t scream unique I don’t know what does.

“Unique is brave, unique is different, unique is YOU.”


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