Just a bump in the beauty road!

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Okay so let’s be real, its impossible for any girl to get ready without getting distracted.

Or maybe that’s just me?

Well, either way, a bump in the road is not unusual for me.
My morning road to being ready is filled with little distractions, getting sidetracked or even just an extra ten minutes staring at my skin in the mirror.

A routine isn’t a routine without a bump in the road. Even when it comes to makeup.
My makeup routine is full of bumps and its a mess.
With Christmas right around the corner, all of my money has gone to spoiling my lovely boyfriend and not spoiling myself.
Concealer? I’m using some I bought forever ago and didn’t like.
Foundation? I keep switching it up because I’m running out like crazy.

BUT I can honestly tell you, all of these little bumps have been wonderful.
I’ve learned new techniques, new ways to work with what I have.

So I am here to tell you, have no fear when your running out of your favorite things! Sometimes using other things can help strengthening your techniques and make you so much better!

Have you faced any bumps in your beauty road lately?



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