November Birchbox Review!

Jouer Luminizing Moisture Tint

I really enjoy this product. I have dry eyelids and can’t wear to much on them but this tinted moisturizer has been a lovely addition to my face. I put a dab on my eyelids to give them a bit of shine and it makes me feel so much prettier.

I have such a thing for tinted moisturizers and this one has such a lovely shine for me and its great!

The price is $38 for a 1.7oz tube so it is pricey for just a tinted moisturizer but it does a nice job. If you just want something light on your skin this is the way to go!



Number 4™ Super Comb Prep & Protect

This product has been heaven sent for my hair. For any girls who have longer hair, you know that brushing that hair out after a shower can sometimes be a nightmare. For me, I have some breakage around the tips that basically locks my hair together if I don’t drown it in conditioner (thank goodness for Dove). I’m used to using that no-more-tangles type of comb through serum that we all used when we were children but this is so much more adult and smells lovely.

For $32 for a 200ml bottle, it is well worth it to save your hair some trauma or just to make combing through much more wonderful. I love this product and I’m so happy to have gotten a sample!


Chuao Chocolatier Assorted ChocoPod

I love Chuao Chocolate. Its seriously my newest addiction when it comes to candy (I have such a sweet tooth). The mini bar I got in my box was the Pop Corn Pop bar. It was amazing. Its a familiar taste, salty and sweet, with a little POP! Yes, popping candies are inside of this chocolate bar. Its so yummy.

From Birchbox you can get a box with 8 small chocolate bars for around $10, but you can buy a full size bar from Target amongst other places for around $3-$6!

I, so far, have tried the Salted Carmel bar as well and I’m so obsessed.

Eyeko Fat Eye Stick Birchbox Trio

I really liked this. Like I said earlier, I have dry skin on my eyelids (ugh I have too many problems, right?) so this is smooth and creamy without being overpowering. I can just do a dab of color and smudge it in or get a little bit of a glow.

I got the lightest in the kit for my sample, although I’m not sure the name of it, and it really works for me. I don’t like heavy eye makeup (as much as my younger self did at least) and it really does a great job of illuminating without drowning out the eyes and making my eyes look like they’re sunken in my head.

From Birchbox, this trio set is $15 dollars. I believe that these colors are limited edition because every where I’ve tried to find them they are freakin’ sold out. But from what I can tell, they retail in anywhere from $6 to $9 a piece so this bargain on Birchbox is a steal!

Harvey Prince Petaly Noir

I love this smell. I’m not one for perfume, usually just a splash of body spray is enough for me, but this is so lovely and fresh. I don’t find it overbearing and neither does my boyfriend. I like it and he doesn’t think its too much so…even better!

On Birchbox, a 55ml bottle of this perfume is $55 which I don’t think is too bad. Most perfumes are generally pricey unless you’re shopping at your local K-mart so lets be real here…the price is expected but I like the scent and would be willing to drop $55 on it…I’d make it last the next 55 years though…


Camille Beckman Platinume Gold Imperial Repair Hand Therapy

DRY HANDS REJOICE! I have fake nails, which I’m obsessed with, but after leaving the nail salon my hands feel so horrid. For anyone who has fake nails, you know the damage those chemicals cause around the nails and this has just helped make my life easier

I can’t believe how soft my hands feel after. I’ve been using other hand creams but this one instantly made them feel soft and smooth!

A 6oz bottle is $20 so I don’t think thats too bad! If you want a good product, you might have to cough up a decent price so I’m not surprise since cheaper ones I have bought have flopped!

Well worth the money!

Okay so there ya have it! My November Birchbox review.

So far, the is my second box, I love it.

Its worth the $10 a month by far and all the products can really last if used sparingly.

I can’t wait to share with you what comes in my December box!

Here is to hoping you get your own Birchbox and share with me what you get! I love to hear what products you love and what products I should be learning about!




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