As the year ends: A message to my former self.

Who knew that 2014 would be such a wild ride for you? Who know that this year, you would not simply turn 20 but change the course of your life entirely?

I guess you can say when I started 2014, I expected it to be just like every other year. Maybe a little heartbreak and some good times but overall, just another year.

As the year progressed and more of my life crumbled in front of me, it seems like more of it came together.

As things got worse, we were tested. What could I take? Was I going to be okay?

To my surprise, this year has been the most painful and most wonderful year wrapped into one.

By April, I started dating my best friend and the perfect boyfriend.

By May, My Grandmother had passed away.

By August, I had to learn what its like to be self sufficient.

By October, I took my first cross country trip alone.


Although I can’t give myself an A+ on everything that has happened this year, I will say that I have learned how to take the good and the bad,

I have learned how to accept the bad things and find something good out of every experience I’ve had.

I have learned to believe in a little thing called karma and find solace in the simple things.


As January nears, I am learning how to embrace the thought of another wild whirlwind of a year but nothing will compare to 2014; the year I learned to be myself.

I want to thank anyone who has read my blog or been a part of my life in the past few months. Thank you for reading my words or helping to heal my heart.

As this year comes to the end, I want to think about what the future holds. Next year I will turn 21 and who knows what sort of discovery will come.

In the next month over winter break from school, I hope to find more of myself I haven’t seen in a while and change just a bit more in the next year.

What are your goals for the year? Where will you be hoping to go?





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