What can we expect to see from you?

Well, I really love makeup and beauty. So you can expect that. But I also want people to realize that this blog ISN’T strictly that. This is my personal space to share whatever I wish. I really want to promote positive body image and show people that beauty isn’t only on the outside and that you don’t need makeup to feel beautiful. Beauty starts on the inside and if you want to look beautiful, you must feel beautiful.

Another thing you can expect is movie references! I love movies, tv shows and all that good stuff. Entertainment is one of my top categories on Trivia Crack (if you haven’t downloaded that game already…you should) so I know a lot of it and I like to reference it a lot!

Are there any things we won’t see from you?

No body shaming or bullying of other people. I try to keep my space nice and polite. I do not like to rag on people for appearance or opinion because everyone is different and unique.
You can try and tell me that my opinion is stupid or whatever you want, but I will never personally attack any one person or group on my page.

I am a plus size girl but you won’t see me making comments about ‘skinny bitches’ or calling anyone anything but beautifully human!

How do you stay so positive all the time?

I have been through a lot of bullying and rough times since I was a child. I was a larger sized kid, always taller and chubbier than the other girls. I was taunted a lot.

Since then, I have learned the only way to protect yourself is to love yourself. If you are confident in who you are and know what your strengths are, play to them! I personally am a humorist. I take the little things and twist them and get a good laugh out of them.

At the point I’m at in my life, nothing anyone says can hurt me! I want to share that with others!

Where do you buy your makeup from online?

e.l.f. makeup & cosmetics 

Ultra Beauty

BH Cosmetics

Coastal Scents



What other stores do you buy makeup at?

I love buying makeup almost anywhere but especially these retailers;

Big Lots

Five Below


Rite Aid

Walgreens (e.l.f. products are sold here)

Target (e.l.f. products are sold here)

Job Lot





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