Glittering and shimmering, all the way through the holidays!

I always have the hardest time deciding what to wear for Christmas. I want that perfect look that’s….just perfect for the holiday and Mr feel festive. This year, it isn’t my outfit I’m worried about….its my makeup and hair! I wanted to share with you the looks that are in the running to be some […]

#TBT! My Childhood Favorites!

All that talk the other day about those SO 90’s thin eyebrows reminded me of happier times….times where pop music was a happy place that wasn’t filled with foam finger crotch grabs and everyone’s outfits were SO much simpler. I will always be sad that I was just a child during these times. I decided […]

The Art of Being Cheap: My Favorite Makeup Bargains!

So how often do you think a trip to the store won’t be so bad? I mean you’re only gonna get the FEW things that you need and walk out of there with your head held high! I mean, doesn’t that just happen every time you go to the store? HAHAHA! If only it was […]